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It's not very often I have tears in my eyes when reading, but it happened today. We have a superhero to introduce you to! He goes by the name of "Taylor the Great", and he is 3 years old. Taylor means a lot to us and we believe he is great, he is strong and he is inspirational!

Taylor's video:
If you'd like to watch Taylor's superhero experience click here:

We wanted to let you in behind the scenes of Taylor's superhero life, so we asked Mum Terri a little bit about the experience:

Tell us a little bit about Taylor's story:

"Taylor fell ill at 8 months old with meningococcal septicaemia (meningitis type W) He was given a few hours to live and spent 17 days on life support. Whilst he was in hospital he went through a number of operations including having his left leg amputated and all his fingers and thumbs. He also went through skin grafts. Whilst in hospital, his kidneys failed which meant he spent 5 weeks on dialysis. He still struggles with his kidney now and they only work at 61%. He has liver damage and a failed spleen which mean he is on antibiotics for the rest of his life. He spent 7 and half months in hospital. Since he's been out, he's still going through more operations including re-grafts, having a thumb and index finger made on his right hand and recently having a thumb made on his left hand. September just gone he had to have his right leg amputated through the knee. So he has now gone through knee amputee on both legs. 

How did you find out about our Pop! Superhero shoots? 

"My friend told me about it as she had been on one with her little boy and knew that Taylor loved superheroes. She tagged me in one of your Facebook post and I entered his details online.!"

What made you choose the superhero shoot out of all the Pop options?

"Taylor absolutely loves superheroes, and from everything he has been through,  he is my superhero, and it was the perfect shoot for him."

How did you and Taylor feel throughout the experience in superhero land?

"We loved it. Both of us were made to feel special, but Taylor more so. He absolutely loved it and they made him feel like he was a real life superhero. It was such an amazing day!"

What was Taylor's favourite part of being a superhero?

"He loved the shield prop from Captain America, and the camera man kept him amused and happy all the time we were there! He enjoyed shouting at him and it made him laugh. It wasn't made to feel like Taylor was having photos done, it was more the fact he was a superhero."

How do you feel after your superhero experience and would you recommend us?

"I would definitely recommend you to others and I'm really excited to see the prints I have ordered. Taylor keeps asking to go back to be a superhero again!"

What is your review of your experience at Pop?

"Brilliant experience, Taylor absolutely loved it and I was really impressed with how the staff treated us. They made us feel so special and nothing was too much for them. Thank you! Will highly recommend you to others." More reviews see here 

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We are so proud to be presenting Taylor's story to you, and we hope our video makes you smile, because we haven't stopped!
Our shoots are reserved for extraordinary real life superheroes who inspire us everyday, and we hope you are as proud of Taylor as we are! 

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